What can I say about Coach Corie?  In a word, much.  She has had a measurable impact on my triathlon career for many reasons.  She is a wealth of knowledge and my personal “go to” for questions about the latest information on nutrition and equipment.  I value her opinion and she has helped me to make some dietary changes that have improved my overall health.  She is a trusted source on race strategy and race day nutrition and has given me some great advice over the past few years.  But more importantly, she has pushed me to redefine my goals and limits in triathlon.  I can always count on her positive, “can do” attitude and spirit.

   Shelley Coleman- Pharmaceutical Sales, Ironman Triathlete,  Wife,  Mom 

 It’s not often you come across a coach that can motivate, inspire, teach and push you to the next level. The normal options for finding a coach is to look for one that has at least two of those skills and hope for the best. Corie is the exception to the case. She’s able to motivate you when your down. Inspire you to train and race harder. Teach you how to train hard without set backs from injury. She will take you to the next level by shaving time off of your swim, bike, and run.  With great communication and   specific training plans for your needs there is nothing more you can ask for in a coach.                      

   Clifton Lewis,  Business Owner, Husband, Father and Triathlete

Corie has been fantastic!  She has been just what I needed.  She is very encouraging and prompt with the schedules making sure that she is up to date on what I need to achieve my goals.  She doesn’t force things or make you feel bad about not getting your schedule complete but helps by encouragement.  I have had experiences where the trainer more intimidates you or to a point discourages you when you are unable to complete the tasks, Corie is not like that she keeps you motivated by the encouragement she provides.  She drives you just as hard as you need whether it be for competitive training or just becoming a healthier you.  I encourage you greatly to use her for any training needs you may have.
Wendy Crutchfield, Photographer, Runner, Wife and Mom

I think Corie is one of the best trainers that I personally have come across. And I have had plenty.
She is always positive no matter what!!! I kinda got burned out on training and exercising. She said its ok everyone goes through it. She didn’t push me, but she was there when I got ready to get back to training and exercising.
Great with helping you choose food and explains the different types of foods and the ones that would be a little better for you.
See, Corie has been there for me through my weight loss journey. Starting out at 220lbs and down to 165.  Always encouraging me!!!
I could not have done it with out her help and positive influence.

Jami Buhrmester, Nurse, Duathlete, Runner, Wife and Mom

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