About G.O.Y.A.

How GOYA began…. a late night husband wife chat that may or may not have involved a little red wine:)
We have always been a fairly active family, but the hectic schedule surrounding having 3 children and managing several businesses took it’s toll on our health and energy. In the back of our minds, we knew this was not how we wanted to live the rest of our lives.  Being a part of Arbonne International, and the amazing leaders and atmosphere of hope and health, we were inspired to dream bigger and expect more. In 2008 I was inspired by the health products and my friends encouraging me to get in shape and raise money for Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).   I began by training for a half marathon.  3 months , 30 lbs,  & one 13.1 mile run my life was changed.
That spring, doctors found a mass in Patrick’s lungs (they were unable to identify or treat… so…  he treated himself and it went away much to their dismay)  The scare of cancer or worse, changed his life and desire to not wait any more for the “someday”.   That means getting up early instead of sleeping in,  playing with kids outside instead of watching tv,  taking a free afternoon to drive for a quick lake swim, finding ways to serve others who have needs you aren’t even sure you are equipped to help with…. Staying up late to read a new book about wealth, or food, or fun…
Since then as a couple we have completed about 15 half marathons, 5 marathons, several half ironman, many olympic and sprint tris and duathlons, and in 2011 we both finished our 1st Ironman events.   Our kids also compete in triathlons and running little fun events with their friends and teammates  It is a family thing we can all share. We can fit it in and so can you! You can feel better and have more energy to give more back to your family and kids and schools and change the world with positive and responsible actions that make a difference.
We say Get Off Your Assets, stop wasting them, find them, dust them off and get going.  GOYA!

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