2nd overall Female Four States Triathlon 2013

2nd overall Female Four States Triathlon 2013

Goya Life Coaching and Performance is a division of GOYA, LLC- Get Off Your Assets®!  A company with a goal to teach and train anyone with an inkling to Get Off Your Assets!  We all have assets we are not using, or have forgotten how to use, and by first taking care of our body and mind, we can open doors to more than we ever dreamed possible!  In fact, we owe it to the world to all GOYA.

Goya CoFounder Corie Young is a a USAT Level 1 coach, Superhuman Network Coach,  4x Ironman, healthy living advocate, Arbonne Independent Consultant, Fitness, Endurance Mentor.   Endurance may mean running long, or equipping yourself for the long amazing life ahead of you.

She comes from a successful dressage riding and  high school track background in Nebraska and pursued interest in Exercise Physiology at Arizona State University before later seeking additional schooling in Veterinary Technology in  support of a passion for horses.  Her husband, an Equine veterinarian and Ironman, owns and operates a busy Equine Veterinary Practice in Oklahoma that specializes in SportsMedicine and Performance.

Their family life consists of raising 3 energetic kids, horses, dogs, riding Dressage, and staying outside as much as possible.  For 10+ years, Farm/Barn work and raising kids was “exercise”.   As many can relate, there came a time to get back on track, with a shift in perspective, exercise for a cause.  She joined Team in Training for her 1st half marathon, lost 30 pounds and gained a passion for big causes and sharing HOW.   Find your why and you find your how.

After five events with Team in Training, Corie earned the “Triple Crown” distinction- a marathon, a triathlon and a Century Ride. Since 2008 and that first step back on the treadmill, she has completed several marathons, qualified for and run Boston, completed Ironman Wisconsin (2011), Arizona(2012) and Lake Tahoe(2013) and Redman 140.6(2012), qualified for Duathlon worlds and USAT Nationals Olympic distance with several Overall Podium finishes at local and regional events.  She is also a top 5 Masters Finisher of the American Triple T Challenge and USAT All American.

Hand in hand with new passion for endurance sports, optimal nutrition became a focus, she evolved from an eat whatever and random “dieter” to eating “clean” in a paleo/plant based lifestyle.  Corie loves to teach about food and cooking and is not afraid to think outside the box. She encourages everyone become excited about learning what works for them and why.  Endurance and multisport is a family sport for the Youngs, all are triathletes and enjoy training, racing and volunteering together.

She has served as a marathon coach for Team in Training and is a coach and co-founder of a Non Profit local youth triathlon team, SaBaR Youth Triathlon, in Norman Oklahoma with a big vision to get families moving together, and change the way we look at exercise, food and health in our community.

As an Arbonne Independent Consultant for 7 years, Corie has had access to world class business and personal development coaches and mentors. She is driven by science, motivated by the ‘impossible’, and inspired by people, all with different backgrounds, goals and stories and would love to be a part of yours!

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